About Us

The AGS Group is a family owned business with global reach, servicing our clients across five continents. AGS started as a local business and grew to be one of the best performing international companies in the mobility industry. Always moving forward, we shall continue to invest and improve our services worldwide to remain a reliable and long term partner.

At AGS, one fundamental goal supports our actions: the complete satisfaction of our customers

AGS Guadeloupe 3 men posing with movers trucks in the 70s

Our story

AGS, a pioneer in the mobility industry, has become a global leader in less than 50 years as a result of our innovative vision. We have a physical presence in 100 countries on 5 continents. To achieve this key objective, our company constantly adapts and aligns with the market’s changing practices and demands. We develop our people skills and our technology to extend our worldwide network to wherever our customers need us to be.

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Two women meeting to prepare a removal

Our Mission

At AGS, moving is our business and no move is too big or too small; whether domestic or across continents, our staff are on hand to manage all your move requirements.

For moving with peace of mind, we promise you Security, Communication, Reliability, Reactivity, Courtesy, Availability and Empathy.

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Mover carrying an AGS carton

Our Values & Commitments

Since its inception in 1974, AGS remains committed and true to our long-standing values: quality, performance, respect, innovation and solidarity.

Through its values, AGS aspires to professional excellence and an exemplary social conscience. By respecting this guideline, AGS strives to deliver the best removal services for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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