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Moving to Canada from France: tips & resources

Are you moving to the exquisite Canada? We’ve compiled a variety of helpful resources, from living and working requirements, driving, finding accommodation, to Canadian culture and helpful moving tips!

Whether you are moving to Canada for work, your studies, to raise a family, or a change of lifestyle, the country of maple syrup has a lot to offer!
With its diverse and cosmopolitan culture, very welcoming and friendly people, and breath-taking scenery, it is the ideal place for expats to explore.

Canada is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, with its spectacular mountains, natural lakes, pristine forests and unique wildlife.
If you enjoy traveling, hiking, photography, or just appreciate being in nature, there is something for everyone to explore in Canada.

But before you pack your bags and head over to discover Canada, it’s important to do some proper planning.

These articles will help you prepare for moving to Canada.

The AGS Movers team has 48 years of experience in moving expats and families across the world.

Moving Day – a little know Canadian custom

Moving homes on July 1st is a unique tradition
in Canada.

If it’s your only day to move, it’s best to plan
ahead. Find out more about this cultural phenomenon.

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How to make yourself at home in Canada

Migrating to Canada is a big adventure for the family.

To make the experience as seamless as possible, here are 5
ways to help you create social connections in your new home.

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Fast Facts about Canada

Living in Canada is sweet and the quality of
life is exceptional.

But before you settle there, discover what
makes this nation so unique.

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The requirements for living, working and studying in Canada

The great adventure to Canada is much more
enjoyable when you know the requirements.

We look at 3 immigration procedures – visas,
work permits, and Electronic Travel Certificates.

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Driving in Canada: What you need to know

Owning (and driving) a car is a quintessential
part of Canada life.

But before you get one, there are some
formalities which should be taken care of first.

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Top-10 most liveable cities in Canada – Part 1

Moving to Canada is an exciting prospect,
but which city will you call home?

We identify the top three cities that stand
out for newcomers.

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Top-10 most liveable cities in Canada – Part 2

While Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal attract
many expats, they’re not the only options.

We explore 7 more affordable Canadian cities
worth considering, including Quebec City and Ottawa.

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Four key points for a successful move to Canada

With its high quality of life and openness to diversity,
Canada has a long history of attracting expats.

We cover kickstarting the immigration process,
finding accommodation, organising your move,
and coordinating your arrival.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing for your move to Canada today and immerse yourself in its natural beauty!

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