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Our Mission

As a global leader in the mobility industry, AGS offers removal services for both individuals and corporates in 147 locations and 100 countries worldwide. Consumer oriented, we focus on our clients’ satisfaction and strive to provide our clients with the best services at the best prices.

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Our mission is to deliver excellent removal services across the globe, whether you are moving from France to Africa or from the Caribbean to the Middle East. Our business is structured to manage the entire move from one central point of contact and to provide our personnel and clients (both individuals and organisations) with the necessary tools to achieve this consistently. We manage the most complex mobility projects and advise our clients on the best strategy to reduce the overall cost. AGS constantly adapts and aligns itself with the market within which it operates. We constantly streamline our processes through technological advancement to make your move a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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The Core Of Our Mission

Our mission is based on the following success factors in business:
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Communication & Transparency

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Reliability & Reactivity



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Courtesy & Empathy

2 ladies meeting to prepare a move

We are committed to delivering excellence.

Communication, reliability, transparency, courtesy, empathy, responsiveness, availability, security; we strive for perfection to satisfy the needs of all our customers.
In order to achieve our aim, we remain committed to developing our techniques and innovations.

Dynamic, efficient, keenly competitive, adept at good business practices ; we understand and interpret our clients’ requirements and are customer focused in all our dealings.

2 ladies meeting to prepare a removal

For your peace of mind, we adapt, innovate, serve and grow.

We are constantly strengthening our global network to be closer to our clients, to meet their expectations as finely as possible.
Our global presence allows us to constantly be at the forefront of the changes affecting the international moving sector.
We anticipate all potential risks to ensure a smooth relocation.

You deserve the best

AGS strives to deliver the best service, with a key focus on the following:

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  • Investing in staff development and recruiting the best candidates for the job
  • Advice and client-centric focus
  • Strict adherence to the United Nations Global Compact guidelines
  • Continuous investment in vehicles, warehouses and security system
  • Capitalising on IT and new technologies to better support AGS services
  • Careful selection of global agents who share the same work ethics
  • Environmental awareness with a conscious focus on reducing our carbon footprint

AGS clients include individuals and some of the world’s top multi-national corporations, NGOs, governments and embassies. AGS has the experience to make your move a professional and seamless service no matter where in the world you move.

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