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Moving to France from the UK: Tips & Resources

Are you moving to France from the UK?
We’ve put together a variety of helpful resources, from understanding how taxation
works and how the education system differs to the UK, to French culture and helpful moving tips!

Whether you are moving for work, retirement, or a change of scenery, the country of love has a lot to offer!
With its rich history of fashion and art, cosmopolitan cities, fine cuisine, and fondness for fine living –
it is the perfect place for expats to explore.

From the chic cafes in Paris to the sun-soaked beaches of the Côte d’Azur, there is something for everyone in this diverse country.

The AGS Movers UK team has over 30 years’ experience of moving expats and families.
But before you pack your bags and head off to explore all that France has to offer, it’s important to do some proper planning.

These articles will help you prepare for your move to France from the UK.

Ideal locations for expats to live in France

Find out the ideal locations for setting
up home in France as a British expat.

These include Paris & Versailles, the Dordogne,
the French Riviera, Lyon, and Brittany.

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International universities in France: tips for expats

Find out what it is like to study in France,
from the different international university options,
the vibrant student life, the fees and getting work after graduation.

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Taxation when relocating to France –
what you need to know

A good understanding of how tax in France works can
make life simpler and help you to avoid double taxation.

In this article, we explore tax residency, income tax
and the local taxes in France.

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Moving to France –
Top 10 things to consider

We’ve compiled our top-10 things to consider for
moving to the country the French call ‘L’Hexagone.

Some of these include residency & immigration laws,
finding a place to live, healthcare, and opening a bank account.

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A life of pleasant surprises awaits the
British expat in France

Here is our rundown of “all things culture” to
help you make the most of your new chapter in France!

From festivals and cinema, to fashion, food and art – there’s a lot to explore.

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The French education system –
where will your kids go to school?

Find out how the French school system works,
what the options are for British expats, and the surprising
differences between schools in the France and the UK.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your move to France today and immerse yourself in its captivating culture and history!

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