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Pet Movers - Pet Transport Services

AGS can assist you with pet moving. We have selected trusted partner companies, specialising in the international transportation of domestic animals, ensuring that your pets receive the best possible care and attention during your move.

AGS is your partner of choice for pet transportation

AGS Movers staff getting dog ready to be transported.

AGS offers transport services for pets, predominantly cats and dogs.

We understand that your pet is an important part of your family, we therefore put the utmost care and effort into coordinating their relocation, to ensure a smooth and efficient service from collection through to delivery to your residence at the destination.

Our staff carefully coordinate all aspects of Pet Transportation from blood tests, vaccinations, export and import permits, flights and kennel reservations, customs clearance, delivery and quarantine if required.

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Pets Transport Steps:

We deliver smooth pet moving solutions for your beloved animal.

Good Health Certificate


Export / Import Permit


Pet Transportation

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Customs Clearance


Animal pick up

AGS movers staff member preparing dogs for transport.

How can AGS help you to move your pet?

Moving your pet is not always an easy process. You must adhere to certain conditions when moving abroad.

At AGS, we ensure your pet’s transition is as quick and comfortable as yours. To be sure you comply with all regulations, we provide advice and assistance with the necessary pet travel and legal arrangements.
Depending on your destination, we prepare and organise your animal’s transfer 2-4 months before your move.

Please note, some countries do not allow domestic animal importation and in others, quarantine is required.

2 Dogs being prepared for pet transport.

Our partners are experts in global pet transport

All of our partners have years of experience in animal care and transportation to guarantee a safe and less stressful move for both you and your pet. Their philosophy is that the animals always come first. They provide a tailor-made service dedicated to creating a loving and caring environment for your pets during transportation.
The security and the comfort of your domestic animal is their first priority, ours as well.

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