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Professional Packing Services - Packing Materials

For more than 4 decades, AGS’ teams have professionally delivered international packing and moving services; with a key focus on the safety of your belongings and your complete satisfaction. We have developed innovative removal packaging, unrivaled in the industry.

Moving abroad is a huge step, and packing can be overwhelming.
Our client-centric business model focuses on your peace-of-mind.

AGS Movers staff member busy packing items into boxes for moving.

Over the years, AGS has developed innovative packing materials that are environmentally-friendly and specially created for the safeguarding of your personal effects, while respecting the planet.

We have created more than 30 different specialised moving boxes and cover protections that offer the ultimate protection for your precious goods. Some goods are unique due to their value, size and fragility and cannot be transported in the usual cardboard boxes.

AGS branches have their own in-house carpentry workshops where they design and produce custom-made crates for fragile and high value items, which ensures their complete protection. No matter the shape or size of your furniture, AGS has suitable packing materials to wrap your personal effects with care. Our experienced packers are specially trained to use packing techniques which ensure the thorough packing of each item to be moved.

Our removals packaging and methods used comply with FAIM and ISO 9001 quality standards.

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Need fine art packing? Get help with our fine art packing service.

Our professional packing services are an AGS benchmark

At AGS, our clients deserve 100 % satisfaction when it comes to the safety of their valuables, and our meticulous packing processes provide exactly what they are looking for.
AGS Movers staff member busy wrapping and item for packing and moving.


AGS has developed new types of cartons which are better suited to modern personal effects, for example a halogen lamp carton eliminates any possibility of damage to standard lamp bases.

We have created a “First Necessity” movers box in which we advise you to pack items that will be needed as soon as you arrive at your destination. This cardboard box is often used for baby’s belongings, medication, a coffee machine and any other items you might need before all the boxes have been unpacked. This box is loaded last, so it can be reached as soon as the truck is opened on arrival.
Everything is carefully planned from loading to unloading at destination.

AGS Movers staff busy packing bicycle in a customised carton for moving.

Tailored moving cartons

Moving cartons or cardboard flat sheets are cut according to the size of each specific furniture item: tables, chairs, cupboards, sound system… Each moving box is then wrapped in an american blanket which acts as an additional protective shell. All the cardboard boxes are labelled with all information required for export.

AGS Movers packer closing a wooden crate with a hammer and a nail.

Tailor-made wooden crates for moving

Each AGS branch has their own in-house carpentry workshops where they design and build custom-made crates for fragile and high value items, to ensure their complete protection.

All wood currently used by AGS for export movers boxes is de-barked and heat-treated to comply with international regulations, including the US Department of State regulations, which are the strictest in the world. We ensure our compliance with any new laws, rules or regulations with regards to wooden packing materials for moving, which may be required by government departments.

AGS Movers staff photographed in a moving truck.

Professionalism and experience: The Excellence of our staff

AGS’ strength resides in its well-trained and well-equipped staff, who ensure excellence at each step of your move. We invest in staff training and empower our people with knowledge on all aspects of our industry. Our professional packers are specially trained to use techniques which ensure the ideal packing of each item to be moved.

More than 30 cartons of different sizes and shapes

Customised carton to fit your furniture

Tailor made crates for your valuables

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