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Our People

At AGS one fundamental goal supports our actions: the complete satisfaction of our customers.
To achieve this key objective we continually equip our people with skills and invest in the best technological advancements to extend our worldwide network wherever our customers need us.

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With a focus on high quality and customer service, AGS fully recognises the importance of well trained and highly motivated staff as making the critical difference to our customers. Our employee programme includes a strong focus on training as the most effective way to motivate our staff and ensure they reach their potential.

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We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees. Each AGS employee receives the Health and Safety Handbook, which explains all procedures that need to be followed to ensure a safe work environment.

We promote a culture where employees are mindful of their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues. Our employees have knowledge of the best work standards and practices and are equipped with the physical tools to ensure best practices.

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As a responsible employer, AGS is also committed to encouraging and facilitating social dialogue, both within the company and in the communities in which we operate. As a catalyst for progress and efficiency, we are committed to transparent and honest communication through all levels of the company.

AGS remains committed and true to our long-standing values.

Our commitments are encapsulated in the Code of Conduct.

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