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49 years of experience has allowed AGS to gain trust all around the globe and become a leader in the removal industry. AGS’ strength resides in well-trained and well-equipped staff ensuring excellence at each step of your move. We invest in staff training and empower our people with knowledge on all aspects of our industry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to safely move any item in your home


For both domestic or international move, it is always better to take a removal company, that can provide you with expert service from departure to arrival. This is one of the reason why, with a presence in 147 locations and 100 countries, AGS is one of the most trusted group.

AGS can assist you in any aspect of your removal, from our packing offer, to our storage or relocation services.

AGS moves more than 150000 families a year and take in consideration every single particularity of your move, because we know that every one has different needs.

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Always moving forward to adapt our solutions to our customers’ evolving needs, our packers are specially trained to use techniques which offer the best protection for each item to be moved. These packing methods comply with FAIM and ISO 9001 quality standards.

AGS constantly invests in staff training to empower our people with knowledge on all aspects of our industry. We are proud of this success because AGS has the most FIDI graduates of any international mover.

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AGS is present in 100 countries and move people all over the world. Since our clients come from all over the world we strive to remove any language barriers. We employ multi-cultural staff who are able to communicate in many languages. They listen to our clients’ requests and understand their need. This is of particular help to expatriates, who may find themselves in a country where they do not understand the language. Our staff have also lived abroad and are able to impart invaluable knowledge to our clients when they prepare for their international move.

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Removal activities include the physical handling and transportation of heavy objects; two activities which require a stringent safety focus. When staff members are respected, satisfied and work in a safe and healthy environment, they are more efficient and productive. At AGS we do our best to create a pleasant work environment with special focus on security and the well-being of our employees.

Our Highly Qualified Team

We assist you at each step of your move, guaranteeing a stress-free relocation wherever you move to.


We are expert in removal


We are well trained and well equiped


We speak your language


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